Our Program

The Need

Imagine your life without a car. Imagine, starting tomorrow, you had to find another way to get to work ...

  • How long would it take if you had to ride a bus, or several to get to and from work?
  • What if public transportation wasn't an option? Could your spouse, friend or family member provide transportation every day?
  • How would you do your weekly grocery shopping?
  • How would you get your children to and from day care while you worked?
  • Suppose you are at work - after a two-hour bus ride - and the school calls to say you need to come and get your child who has had an accident. Could you get your child to the doctor without a car?

The Solution

Ways to Work is the solution for many low to moderate income families who are credit-challenged and have difficulties obtaining an affordable auto loan. Potential borrowers can access a loan up to $6,000 at 8% interest rate.

Through a network of more than 50 sites in 21 states, Ways to Work provides nearly 6,000 families annually with focused financial education and nearly 2,000 families with low-interest loans totaling more than $6 million.

The Outcomes

Ways to Work, Inc. has had the following successes and accomplishments:

  • 94% of borrowers reported that their Ways to Work car helped them to improve their employment circumstances.
  • Nearly half of employed participants have received a promotion or pay increase (35% increased by more than 10%) since receiving the Ways to Work loan at a time when wages nationally fell by 4.9%.
  • About half of all borrowers attribute a reduction in lateness and missed days of work to the car they obtained through the Ways to Work program.
  • 82% of participants sustain themselves without Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance despite receiving it before receiving their Ways to Work loan.
  • According to most participants (90%), counseling and support from the Ways to Work program has helped them to understand and improve their financial situation.
  • Borrowers experienced mean credit score increases even during the recent recession of up to 44.6 points.
  • Nearly all borrowers indicated that the car they received through their Ways to Work loan helps them provide better care for their children and do more things for or with their children.
  • The total annual projected return on investment for all Ways to Work stakeholders is 250%....$2.50 for every $1 invested in the program. Currently operating in over 50 sites.